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Konttiaho Highland Ranch is situated in Karstula, in the very heart of Finland. Our history goes back all the way to 1851 when the farm was established. Throughout the years our farm has focused on either dairy cattle, beef cattle or crop production. In 1985 peat production was started alongside farming. Nowadays the former peat production areas have been transformed into fields for the animals. In 1995 we started to focus on organic farming and crop production instead of dairy cattle.

The farm was handed over to Markus by his parents Reijo and Kaija-Liisa in 2009. In autumn 2013 the very first Highland cattle arrived in the farm. This was the beginning of the present Konttiaho Highland Ranch.

Farming with Wellbeing as a Priority

In the wake of the 2020´s we are gradually changing our ranch. In the heart of all our work is the concern of the wellbeing of the animals, the environment and the family. We want to take pride in our work. Our aim is to produce fresh quality food both ethically and lovingly.

Konttiaho Family and Animals

Markus takes care of the ranch duties, animal care, fields and paper work. He has a positive outlook in life and approaches everything with a light heart and an open mind. He is ambitious and likes to ponder about the future, taking heed of new challenges and new technologies whenever it is possible.

Maarit has formerly worked in the catering industry. She gives her helping hand with the farm, handling the beef and taking care of the sales and marketing. She also runs her own business Aavasydän providing sound bowl massage and energy therapy for her customers.

Miro and Roni are the future generation of Konttiaho.

Our animals have taught us the importance of taking it easy. Highland cattle like to take it slow. They are very sensitive of their owners moods and peaceful handling is always rewarded with smooth behavior. Amazing animals, always reminding us of the importance of the now and here!

Poju and Harley are our Danish-Swedish Farmdogs that take care of the running matters. The boys like to bark both the known and the unknown, they love getting attention and adore tractor rides.

We want to take pride in our work. Our aim is to produce fresh and quality food both ethically and lovingly.
We raise our cattle in a sustainable and ecological way. The Finnish nature with its' fresh water and clean grass pastures provides an excellent environment for cattle breeding. Our animals are healthy and their beef of the highest quality.
Konttiahon tila 1960-luvulla. | Konttiaho farm in the 1960's.
Konttiahon tila 1960-luvulla. | Konttiaho farm in the 1960's.

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