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10% of the Finnish farms are organic. Organic farming is a certified way of production. It is based on recycling the nutrients, taking care of the soil and the diversity of the nature and the wellbeing of the farm animals providing them an environment where they can live a life according to their breed's needs. The Highland cattle are an excellent match with organic farming.

Farming with the Nature's Own Rhythm

No synthetic pesticides nor factory made fertilizers or feed are used in organic production. The basic principle is that of ensuring the wellbeing of the nature, humans and animals. An organic farm aims to being self-sufficient in nutrients, nothing is bought but everything is provided through crop rotation. The very nature of how the soil renews itself naturally and provides the means for taking care of the crops, sufficient nutrients and protecting the crops.

Nutrient Rich Soil through Crop Rotation

Crop rotation means farming the fields with varying crops in a yearly rotation. Pulses and green manure crops fertilize the soil while other crops take advantage of the fertile soil. Rotation both prevents and limits the growth of weeds, pests and plant diseases. Crop rotation is an elementary part of organic farming.

Reliable and Controlled Production

Organic farming is strictly controlled. The purpose of control is to strenghten and increase customers' trust in organic farming. Centralized control also puts all farmers on the same line as the same rules apply to all. Organic farmers are checked annually. The farm keeps books on all activities in the farm regarding to the fields, animals and products.

Birds Thrive in Organic Farms

According to a study conducted by the Helsinki University, organic farms play a relevant role in reviving the bird populations. We have taken notice of this also in Konttiaho Ranch. In most of the organic farms the cattle gets to herd in pastures. A varied flora, the cattle and the manure make a welcome surrounding for insects. For swallows, starlings and other insect eating birds this mean food. Read more (in Finnish).

Konttiaho fields, animals and beef are all organic and strictly controlled. Some of the produced conserves are also organically produced and controlled.

Video: photos and interview, Hanna Hauvala, video production Sami Juhansson.

Luomukauraa | Organic Oats
Luomukauraa | Organic Oats | Biohafer

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