With breeding we want to enhance the characteristics and features of the Highland cattle. The main herd of the cows consists of about 40 cows. Physically they are dark red, short nosed, strong legged, straight horned and have straight backs. Important for breeding is also the character and their qualities for calving.

The breeding bulls are from Sweden, Germany and Scotland. This way we make sure that the pedigree lines are different and genetically wide apart.

Annually, we keep 2-4 calves of our own breeding in our farm. The best calves and bulls are sold to other farms and the rest are kept for beef production or breeding cows. We believe it is important to maintain the original features of the breed.

The Highland cow is a very healthy and long-lived breed. Even if the cow does not have the very best physical features it makes it no worse for producing and nurturing new and healthy calves. With crossbreeding we can take advantage of the good features of these cows and use them for taking care of the calves for years ahead.

We believe that it is important to maintain the original features of the breed.

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