Highland Beef


Highland Beef is of the highest quality, tastes really good and is very lean.

The Best Quality and Taste

Due to natural feeding the beef has a great taste, it is short fibred, very lean and has a dark red colour. Our aim in Highland cattle breeding is to ensure that the beef is tasteful and of the highest quality. The freely roaming cattle and its' inherent penchant to activity makes their muscles soft, making the beef tender and tasty.

Each Animal Has a Valuable Life

As a breeder we feel that all our animals should have a dignifed life until the very end. We are familiar with all the phases of our animals' lives and try and make them as good as possible. We transfer them ourselves to the slaughterhouse. The bulls are slaughtered at the age of 3 years. Our partners take care of the slaughtering and the cutting and packaging of the carcass. Good partners are vital for a breeder, mutual trust and good communication help us improve our work. We do not handle unpackaged beef in our farm.

Beef Matured in Chill

We mature our beef in chill for 4-5 weeks. The maturing is done in our farm under controlled circumstances and the beef is vacuum-packed.

For the time being we are still in the process of finding ways to use other parts of the carcass and looking for partnerships in Finland.

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